June 30, 2022

B2B marketing myths exposed Part 3 (of 4)

In a 4-part exposé, we reveal the most common misconceptions and best practice solutions surrounding B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing strategies.

‘B2B marketing is aimed at businesses’

It is extremely important to design your B2B marketing activities to cater for people. You must target people to promote your business because they are responsible for the positive word of mouth for your brand. Since people hold the key to making or breaking your brand, B2B marketing should be aimed at conversations and problem-solving – underlining how your business can help theirs is precisely what B2B customers are looking for.

Marketing to the people you want to talk to via a strong digital presence can comprise of an effective and engaging website, search engine optimisation, social media and regular eNewsletters – as part of a cohesive strategy. All this will drive your business forward to greater sales and continued success.

Informing existing and potential new customers of your latest products, services and business developments, GPM makes sure that potential customers realise your business advantage vs. the competition, utilising cost-effective, high-impact marketing packages, tailored for your business.

‘You don’t need a professional to get results’

A marketing strategy needs to be driven by knowledge, experience, and the right tactics. Knowing what produces results and what doesn’t is a specialised skill, learnt through experience.

It is often said that 50% of a marketing budget works, and 50% doesn’t – the skill is knowing which 50% is working to maximise budget spend and produce the most impact.

With over 45 years of combined marketing experience promoting product manufacturers, GPM understands what your customers are looking for, and with an enviable track-record in promoting leading security industry brands, GPM offers professional implementation and advice to make a real difference to your brand – ensuring you stand out from the crowd, grow sales and increase your bottom line.