February 12, 2015


Whether you are new to purchasing banner stands, or have been sourcing them for a while, it can be difficult to know which version best suits your requirements.

Why use a banner stand? Banner stands are a quick, easy and effective visual way to promote a product or service. One of the most cost-effective temporary/re-deployable display devices, when used correctly, they can make a big impact for little outlay.

Types of banner stand

Roller banner stands Roller banner stands are the first choice for many. The banner graphic neatly rolls into the base unit for storage and transportation, and is deployed for use via a simple telescopic pole. The base unit protects the graphic during transportation and storage.

Tension banner stands If you want to change between graphics on a regular basis, then tension banner stands are a simple and economical solution. These have a separate graphic and base unit, allowing the graphics to be removed for storage or swapped between applications.

Cassette roller banner stands These stands allow the graphic to be inter-changed instantly by simply replacing a cassette. This is ideal to provide the benefits of a roller banner stand, alongside the ability to change the graphic on a regular basis. Each graphic is supplied with its own cassette.

Getting the best quality Once you’ve decided on the type of banner stand required, it’s important to make sure you can rely on the supplier. Will they print your graphics onto a material that will not curl or delaminate over time? Can the graphic be used again and again without any deterioration in quality? Confirm the banner print resolution to make sure it won’t look low resolution.

The right choice for you There’s a lot of choice out there, but the above guide should help you select the right type of banner stand for your requirements.

For more help, or if you would like to discuss a banner stand requirement and prices, including graphic image creation, please contact us today.