December 22, 2021

Digital Marketing – Unravel the myths and reap the benefits

Every business, whether B2B or B2C should have a digital presence — this can be comprised of adverts, an effective and engaging website, search engine optimisation, and regular eNewsletters as part of a cohesive strategy – driving your business forward to greater sales and continued success.

Whereas a traditional PR marketing strategy may interrupt a consumer’s day with promotional material, a well applied digital marketing strategy adds valuable information and informs the consumer — which is precisely what B2B customers are looking for.

A strong B2B digital marketing strategy starts with defining the target audience. Marketing isn’t effective unless you keep your audience in mind, this is especially so with business customers. Your digital marketing should communicate how your business can help theirs …and if it doesn’t, you may as well not be marketing at all.

Importantly, digital marketing can’t function correctly without an informative and engaging website. Buyers visit a website before making a decision and since the typical B2B sales cycle often involves many layers of recommendation and referral by existing clients – websites are effective ways to share information about your product or service.

With this in mind, a website needs to be informative and engaging – but also easily discoverable. At GPM, we do this with effective and targeted Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) management.

Email marketing (eNews) is also a powerful vehicle for sharing your brand’s content. With the constant barrage of emails flooding our inboxes today, it’s more important than ever to create and send out effective marketing emails.

Used correctly, social media is a powerful tool for building brand awareness, giving your company an online personality, and humanizing your business — all very powerful factors when it comes to marketing and connecting with potential customers. Like email marketing, social media is also a highly effective channel for sharing your content and enhancing your brand experience.