April 7, 2014


The job of a product/service or applications brochure is much different to that of a Press Release or magazine advertisement. A good advert will capture the attention of the reader and plant a message, to be actioned upon immediately or nurtured later.

When creating a product/service or applications brochure, you can assume that a seed has already been planted, and its mission is to fertilize and nurture that seed to achieve results. The best brochures will promote a response, driving the reader from being an interested party, to a happy customer.

Name that product or service!

The reader needs to know the name of the product or service in question. If the reader remembers a picture of the product but not its name, a brochure has failed. Any name should feature prominently and be repeated subtly throughout the copy content.

Call to action!

If a reader is required to do something with the information provided in the brochure, it must include the means by which the action should to be taken; be it a phone number, email address, or URL. This sounds simple, but you’d be amazed at how many brochures we see without contact details!

Who are you talking to?

To maximise impact, brochures should be tailored to their intended audience. A brochure for a vehicle manufacturer has a vastly different target to those of an electrical component supplier. So identify the target audience before the start of the design, and implement phraseology and a tone of voice that fits.

Every brochure tells a story, to attract a potential customer or strengthen the relationship between an existing one. These are just some of the basics, nevertheless getting it right can be difficult …but remember, GPM is here to help.

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