November 3, 2014


Ensuring your marketing spend produces the right results doesn’t have to be difficult.

Most companies under spend on their marketing budgets, believing that to not spend is to save. However, the best marketing strategies allocate available spend to the most effective initiatives – targeted to fulfil your company’s goals.

All marketing efforts have a direct bearing on company revenue – so making each pound of your marketing budget work effectively is vital.

The development of a brand and the channels used to promote it are varied, and will include brand / product advertising, PR / case study copywriting, product and corporate literature creation, social media strategy, website design and management, effective regular eNews campaigns and above all quality implementation.

Many businesses grow their clientele by word of mouth alone, but soon run out of steam. That’s where building a solid brand awareness campaigns helps, producing solid results. Incorrectly allocating marketing budget is a waste of cash, whilst a well-distributed marketing budget is a fundamental ingredient for any companies’ growth and profitability.

Getting optimum results from every penny spent is vital. At GPM, we can help prioritise your marketing spend to the areas of highest yield  – to ensure the most effective ROI. We are committed to helping companies work smarter and more effectively, to help them achieve maximum bottom line impact.

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