December 22, 2021

Marketing strategies. What really works?

Having an effective marketing strategy in place is key to the success of any business. With a good marketing strategy, a business can gain inertia, create focus on its goals and meet objectives.

A marketing strategy combines all aspects of a customer’s interaction with a business. It allows an organisation to focus on the resources available, finding the best way to employ them to the best of their ability, generate sales and increase competitive advantage.

Whilst an effective marketing strategy might require regular adjustments or tweaks, it provides a solid template of where to start and makes it easier to see results from each campaign… without having to completely reinvent the strategy each time.

A marketing strategy instils stability and a sense of predictability within the marketing department and can simply be likened to a menu as a repeatable process and framework.

This ‘menu’ probably looks similar each quarter, as it is implemented to support  brand awareness and/or lead generation using a variety of ‘ingredients’, including eNewsletters, websites, SEO, brand design, bespoke press release material and impactful eNews HTMLs.

Once a repeatable marketing strategy is in place, it can be used for scale and shared with other employees, team, or company divisions. In this way, the entire business can adopt the same marketing strategy for all of its products and services on offer – creating the ultimate brand consistency across all company communications