February 8, 2023

Say HELLO To eMarketing

Would you like to raise your business profile and product offering above the competition? At GPM, we design eMarketing campaigns that ensure you communicate the right message, in the correct way, to the right audience – with maximum effect and all while being GDPR compliant.

In short, GPM takes the confusion out of eMarketing, providing promotional HTML-based graphical email campaigns that can drive customer traffic to websites and promote responses for sign-ups, further information or product demonstrations.

To help you ‘Say HELLO’ to understanding eMarketing, below is a summary of email marketing campaigns you may want to consider:

Email newsletter campaigns
Use these to keep in touch with customers and prospects – ensuring they are always part of your audience, and aware of your latest product and business developments.

Acquisition email campaigns
This is frequently seen messaging, a campaign of effective and targeted messaging aimed at acquiring new customers.

Retention email campaigns
Messaging is developed to re-engage with subscribers who haven’t interacted with your email campaigns for a while, this technique can help you reconnect with historical contacts.

Promotional email campaigns
Typically used to drive sales, promote new products, cross-sell and up-sell additional products or services to an existing customer base.