March 9, 2022

Understand your customers’ journey. Sell more.

Getting into the minds of your customers can be challenging, the root cause is most often an insufficient idea of the customer’s journey to purchasing your product or service.

How does a customer interact with your company in order to achieve a goal? From gaining awareness of a brand, to receiving a ‘Thank you for your business’ message,  a customer’s journey consists of many steps.

From a B2B (Business to Business) perspective, this isn’t something you can assume or predict based on your internal perspective. A customer journey is very specific to both the physical experiences, and the business of your customer.

A customer journey map is a representation of the process a customer or prospective customer goes through to achieve a goal with your company. The goal may be making a purchase, joining a mailing list, or anything in between.

At GPM, we understand your brand exists beyond your website and marketing materials – so it’s important that the different touchpoints are considered in a customer journey – to help uncover opportunities for improvement in the buying journey.

By understanding this relationship, you can structure touchpoints to create the most effective and efficient process for your customers. At GPM, we visualise the current process customers take, from the first, to the final touchpoint, to ensure they’re reaching their goals effectively, and if not – how this can be improved.

GPM customer journey mapping ensures an informed and associated marketing plan that guarantees potential customers realise your business advantage, brings new customers in and keeps your existing ones happy – ensuring a long business relationship and more sales!

With over 30-years’ experience promoting product manufacturers, GPM is a specialist in security industry B2B marketing. We understand what B2B customers are looking for, and with an enviable track-record in promoting leading security industry brands, GPM offers creative implementation and advice on unique B2B marketing challenges – to help build brands that stand out from the crowd, drive sales and increase your bottom line.